Friday, December 12, 2008

Road accidents and the Democratic Party

NamePositionYears in OfficePartyIncident
Bill ClintonPresident1993-2001DemocratFather killed in road traffic accident in 1946
Al GoreVice President1993-2001Democrat6 year old son almost killed in road accident in 1989
Barak ObamaPresident2009-2013DemocratFather killed in road traffic accident in 1982
Joe BidenVice President2009-2013DemocratWife and daughter killed in traffic accident 1972

It seems that the loved ones of senior members of the US Democratic Party are very prone to serious traffic accidents.
In spite of that, it amazes me how low a political priority road safety is.


If a farmer produces one hundred times more food than he needs to feed his family, then we could call him greedy, alternatively we could just thank him for the food.
How about a banker that tries to generate profits for his bank? Is he being greedy, ambitious or is he just providing financial services to his community? Probably all of the above.
If it weren't for ambition ( aka greed) we'd all still be living in stone and mud huts.

The only thing worse for an economy than having banks that lend out money willy-nilly is having banks that won't.