Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cowen in the Nude

It has come to my attention that RTE, the state broadcaster, has stepped way out of line. They had on their news an item concerning a nude paining of Brian Cowen. They clearly don't understand their role in the state.

I am full of admiration for Michael Kennedy (FF TD), he has been standing up for our dear leader Brian Cowen and has asked the head of RTE, Cathal Goan, to consider his position. Mr Kennedy does indeed mean well. Though he is without a doubt being too soft.

I am very please to read that Goan, has apologised. We have no place in our country for journalism which mocks Mr Cowen. It does not matter that their article was factual, entertaining and of great interest the public.

Some enemies of the state abroad have a great interest in distributing anti-Irish propaganda. The BBC and The Times have both done a great disservice to themselves by publishing stories ridiculing Mr Cowen.

Now our solution is three-fold:
  1. There should be jail sentences for those in the media who are disrespectful to our dear leader
  2. To promote more patriotic journalism, news outlets should send their staff to train in North Korea, where they can learn how to show the sort of deference to a leader that he deserves.
  3. We need to block the internet and publications from abroad. They are full of anti-Irish nonsense and often have nasty hidden agendas. We can learn from China here, they have their great-firewall.

As a first step, to send a clear message, Mr Goan should be sent to an FF gulag in Mayo for the rest of his natural life.

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