Monday, March 2, 2009

Free Advertising

I'm a big fan of wikipedia. It is not perfect, it has some flaws, but overall it works incredibly well. Web-users together co-operate and create something amazing.

Following in the footsteps of wikipedia other "wikis" have been launched. i.e. websites whose content is created and edited by the general public. For example there is with is a dictionary. I find quite amusing, it is similary to wikipedia, but it is written from a conservative US perspective.

Now, there are many cities where it is almost impossible to find out the cost of basic services such as dentist or electricians. But what if someone built a wiki which allows people enter the name, address and prices of various services, then suddenly everyone can find out how much the plumbers in their area cost.

Well, such a site exists, it is

From a consumers point of view, it is a great source of information on the prices of services in your area. If you want a table of prices charged by dentists in Ireland or prices of doctor visits in Hong Kong, then is for you.
But because it is a wiki, consumers themselves can input the names, contact details and prices of services. For example, if you've been to a dentist who has obsurdly over-charged you, then you can use to warn the people in your area.

From a small business point of view, effectively offers free advertising. Whether or not the firm has an existing presence on the web, offers a page for free. It is very easy, start by going to the add a new business page, then fill in a form indicating the company contact details, services offered. It is also possible to indicate prices and the company logo can be added as well. Then when the Save page button has been clicked, the page will immediately be available and it will include a map showing the location of the premises, which is worked out using the postal address supplied.

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